Monday, September 27, 2010

scotia diner

The Scotia Diner is a place I have driven by many times, but recently made my first visit to. Honestly, I was always a bit turned off by the funky exterior and awkward parking lot.

I thought the floor was so cool and old I couldn't resist snapping a photo.
Upon viewing the menu I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable their breakfast options are, and when M and I spotted two meals titled "The Hungry Man" and "The Hungry Woman" we knew we had to look no further.

Behold M's Hungry Man.
2 eggs over easy
2 pancakes
2 slices of french toast
buttered toast
and an extra side of bacon, because really, you can never have too much bacon.
But M thought his bacon was too overcooked...he likened it to jerky, and he found the eggs to be on the slimy side. He was also displeased to find the waitress had neglected to give him butter and syrup for his pancakes/french toast and didn't bring creamers for his coffee. And he had to flag her down for coffee refills. We were pretty much her only table, so that was a little annoying.

My Hungry Woman was a bit easier to handle:
1 scrambled egg
1/2 slice of ham
1 pancake
1 slice french toast

I had no complaints with my meal. Everything was tasty, the pancakes were fluffy and not dried out, but the best part: powdered sugar AND cinnamon on the french toast! Way to go Scotia Diner, for a cheap dive you do your french toast with class!

Overall, the meal was cheap and pretty tasty, and the outdated decor is just kitschy enough to be charming. I'm glad we gave it a shot!


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