Saturday, September 4, 2010

This week...

...fell in love with puppies all over again.
...went to a going away party to see two awesome people off to the windy city.
...hung out poolside trying to pretend it was still summer as steam rose off the water because the air was so cold. STILL didn't go swimming!
...threw out a lot of crap I was saving in a closet at my parents' house that realized I didn't need to hold on to.
...watched M cook a batch of his famous gumbo
...took one of my besties out to sushi for her bday
...baked macarons in the following flavors: nutella, chocolate peanutbutter, and vanilla.
...won a copy of the new Jenny and Johnny album from my favorite local radio station WEXT!
...had dinner with M's family
...scanned a TON of old family photos while listening to the new Arcade Fire album. The music enhanced my sentimental feelings.

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  1. EVERYBODY talks about macarons on their blog and i still haven't ever had one. this must change.

  2. nutella macaroons?! oh my sounds great!

  3. Okay, I totally want some of these macaroons! And puppies are the easiest to fall in love with! Love love love them!


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