Wednesday, September 1, 2010

puppy love part 2

a couple of days ago we attended a going away party for our awesome friends Jeff and Jen who are on their way to the windy city!

the hosts of this part had two pugs, a one year old, and THIS little guy who I INSTANTLY fell for.

M kept calling him "a shmelbe" because that's the name of our other friends' awesome pug. But his real name was Terrance. And his pug-brother's name...Phillip! Yes, Terrance and Phillip! Awesomely cute.

I am officially puppy CRAZY and can't wait until we can get one of our own!


  1. aw. CUTE! (the puppy *and* you)



  2. OH MY GOSH! So cute!! At the dog park the other day there was a 5 month old Corgi puppy and I think I just about died.

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! want to squeeze it! and then steal it. then squeeze it some more. then give it back when it pees on the carpet. those puppies, always peeing on the carpet from too much squeezing. pffft, pansies.

  4. Oh he is sooooo cute! Pugs are the most adorable dogs!

  5. eeeeeeee! omg he is so cute!! i wish cyrus would stay that small <3

  6. Agh! TOO cute! I always think pugs look like litte versions of my English Mastiff!


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