Saturday, September 11, 2010

This week...

...went to dinner with M's Dad and Step mom, then took them out on the town. with everything at Broadway Diner.
...explored the next best thing to Niagara Falls
...played win lose or draw, which spawned the phrases "knee high to a tadpole" "double neck" and "apple doctor"
...stayed up til 4am
...last day of the track, hit a winner!
...stood up to my credit card company for raising my interest rate, and they dropped it by 8 percent...but only for 6 months, so in March I'll have to fight them again!
...Bon fire and smores on cool night.
...worked my last 3 days at the job I've been at for the past year. I'm ready to move on to bigger, better, brighter things.
...consumption of pumpkin spice lattes commenced!

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PS: We are rapidly approaching 250 followers! I'm so excited and thankful for all of you that read our blog. In honor of this milestone, we will be hosting a giveaway of a few of our favorite things once we reach 250! Stay tuned!!


  1. here, here to bigger better and brighter!

  2. I love s'mores! They can just make my day, my week, my month!


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