Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cohoes Falls pt. 2

As we walked over to the observation deck near the electric turbine building, we passed this sign and the huge electrical tower below.

This is the view from the turbine observation deck. They have a system in place that diverts the fish in the river from being sucked into the turbine. We stood there for a while, thinking we might see a fish fly out of the little pipe, but it didn't happen.

Just in case you had the urge to hop the fence and go swimming, they had this safety reminder posted.

So calm and beautiful, you would never guess that there was a giant waterfall just a few yards to the left.

We headed back up to the first observation deck, where I noticed this sign. I don't know who would climb up onto a wall with barbed wire on it... but I guess they do, otherwise it wouldn't be there.

If you're ever in upstate NY and have the opportunity to make it to Cohoes, do not forget to stop by Falls View Park!

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