Saturday, September 25, 2010

This week...

...back on the Insanity workout!
...found an awesome look at.
...received the blogiversary prizes in the mail...I can't wait to start this giveaway!
...made m a website for his business!
...drank a 32oz Can of Miller High Life on a tuesday night fir the pure kitchy novelty of it. new schedule is kicking my butt!
...took a look at something that needs a lot of work, but could be totally awesome!
...I had an awful, stressful week than kept me from my google reader. I had almost 2000 posts to read when I checked it Friday night. I made my way through some, then decided to hit the clear button on my reader and my life. I will be back next week, hopefully in better spirits!

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. Awww...I had a pretty crazy week, too! Sounds like some good stuff happened. :) I like the idea of hitting the clear button and just starting over. I think I'll try that this week. Just forget about all my stress and start over fresh on Monday.

  2. come back soon! :)

    i'm now following. i can't believe i wasn't already!



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