Thursday, July 1, 2010


Dear High Protein Diet,
You're pretty easy to stick to, delicious, and filling. You may just be the thing that gets me into my first bikini. Thanks!

Dear Bed,
I love spending time with you. In fact, you're so great that every morning when my alarm goes off I contemplate never leaving you. I'm always left wanting more.

Dear Sunshine,
I'm a pale girl, despite being 25% Native American. I must have picked up the Scottish and Dutch genes hardcore. But I love you so much, and every time we get together I end up looking like a giant lobster.

Dear Peanutbutter Pandemonium Waffle Cone from Stewarts,
I have been DREAMING about you all week. Your creamy vanilla ice cream, your swirls of peanutbutter and chocolate, your little mini peanutbutter cups, your sweet crispy waffle cone. I just wish you weren't so bad for me!

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  1. My bed hears the same thing every morning... love the letters lady!


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