Saturday, July 3, 2010

This week...

...broke a toe because I was dumb enough to try to help move furniture in flip flops :(
...had the most delicious peanut butter soft serve at Martha's in Lake George!
...I wish I knew ios4 would kill my iPhone 3G and my soul, I would have never updated. Grrrrrr :('s really difficult to focus on work when anticipating a 3 day weekend full of sun, lake, pool, fireworks, macarons, frozen yogurt, and frontier town!
...baked patriotic macarons...each batch is a new adventure...
...went out on the town to see Miss Ashley, who's on a brief visit from the west coast.
...still can't wear real shoes days later thanks to the broken pinkie toe :(

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. Ahh Thats terrible about your foot! I have done the same thing, well my toe wasn't broken but badly bruised from dropping a end table on it while wearing flip flops. LoL But hopefully the rest of your weekend is fun!

  2. i almost broke my toe this week too moving furniture around :O lol
    ps. are macaroons easy to bake?

  3. Did you roll back or are you fighting with iOS4? I can send you the link for the roll back instructions if you'd like - it worked on my 3G when I tried to upgrade last Sunday.

  4. oh no! can you reinstall ios4?? i have a 3gs and i had to install ios4 twice because it messed a few things up the first time... luckily i didn't lose anything bc i sync with my computer often enough. i'm sorry to hear about your loss :( maybe you should just go ahead and upgrade to iphone 4 ;)

  5. @peppermint*tea - macarons aren't as hard as you would think!

    @Han - I read about going back to the previous os, but I have my iphone4 on order and it should come within a couple of weeks, so I'm just going to deal with my 3g/ios4 issues til then. Thanks though!!

    @Greg and Vanessa - I have one on order! :) I cn't WAIT for it to get here, I'm so excited!!


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