Monday, July 12, 2010

mollie's mason jar

While spending the weekend in a small Adirondack town, we were told that Mollie's Mason Jar was THE place to eat, so off we went for brunch. We walked in the door to see the deserted dining room pictured above, and expected to be seated right away. The hostess took our name and told us the wait was 30 minutes and that we were welcome to sit at one of the empty tables and drink some complimentary coffee while we waited. We looked at each other in disbelief. Did she really tell us to take a seat at an empty table to wait for a table? Ok...

We waited the 30 minutes because, honestly the only other place to get breakfast was the convenience store up the street. I'm glad we waited.

 I ordered the South of the Border omelet. I was so hungry when it came out that I started devouring it before realizing I forgot to take a picture! (oops!) It was really good, but it must have been sitting back in the kitchen for a while because it wasn't hot, and the cheese inside had the melted-then-sat-there-a-while-so-kinda-recongealed consistency.  The homefries were delicious, and the waitress actually asks you if you'd prefer them with or without onions. M liked his eggs, bacon, and sausage. He said they were cooked well and tasted very fresh.

We also ordered french toast, and I was not happy with it at all. There were black specks of god knows what from the griddle all over it, that I originally thought was just some cooked-on cinnamon. But I was wrong, because the french toast was bland as hell. There was definitely no cinnamon or any other spices on these, so what the hell were the black specs? M liked the french toast, but also revealed that he has low french toast standards: "I don't care what the toast tastes like as long as the syrup is good."

Overall, we were pleased with the meal, for four of us the total was about $40, and we had a TON of food. In fact, we liked it so much we went back the next day and had breakfast again!

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