Monday, October 11, 2010

Cohoes Falls ...yes, again!

Remember a few weeks back when M and I visited the Cohoes Falls, and I blogged about how pretty it was? Well, recently in Upstate NY we've gotten a LOT of rain, so we went back to the falls to see if they had been effected by the wet weather. You be the judge:
This photo is from our visit to the falls a few weeks ago

And after the rain:

Gushing water and rainbows everywhere! It was gorgeous!

PS: Tomorrow is our one year bloggiversary! Please check back for our awesome celebratory giveaway!


  1. Okay, really gorgeous pictures and the Falls are cool. But I also need to give due propers to M's awesome facial hair.

    Happy one-year bloggiversary!

  2. These pictures are amazing!!! I espcially love the rainbows! :)

  3. how magical! and the trees are starting to turn colors! i miss fall on the east coast SO much!

  4. oh wow! there's such a difference! i love the rainbows in these pretty!


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