Saturday, October 30, 2010

This week...

...went to Brooklyn to see M's second band Ghoul Poon play a CMJ afterparty show.
...spent Sunday walking around Williamsburg, amazed by what had changed and what hadn't since I lived there in 2006.
...long drive home in traffic, just wanted to be in my own bed!
...we left our pumpkins out on the deck and while we were gone something gnawed a hole in M's!
...shot a band photo shoot for Ghoul Poon
...had high hopes, and had them crushed within 24 hours
...carved our pumpkins!
...last minute plans and errands for our Halloween party.
...found out with 100% certainty that I CSM never eat pizza again unless I want an excruciating tummy ache :(

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  1. Oh, the irony:
    I was just being a lazy girl watching Sex & The City by myself in my bed, in my pajamas. I started crying because one of the characters got cancer and one moved to Brooklyn. I thought to myself, "I need to do something else to make me not think of NY and how badly i want to live there." So I got on blogger and your post was the first I saw.
    Hello, New York! :)

    Little Miss Paige


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