Wednesday, October 20, 2010

fall at french's hollow

the railroad bridge

m being dangerous

we're both kind of making funny faces, but we look so happy in this pic!

m being dangerous again!

...I don't know what I'm doing here...

m couldn't get the camera to focus when I was standing here...the lens is kind of crappy...maybe santa is reading this post...

PS- AMAZING giveaway at BUT fair warning, if you're not a size 10 LAMB fan and you win this instead of me, I might have to come after you!!


  1. I LOVE SUN FLARE!!!!!! Gah! Lovely pictures. :)

  2. Omg I'd freak if my boyfriend tried M's stunts! It makes cool photos tho! This is such a pretty place!! =)

  3. aw, that looks like the perfect fall day and you two look so happy! . . . and silly . . . and awesome! :)

  4. Thank you for mentioning my giveaway!! I'll give you extra points if you get your friends to Follow me with Google Friends Connect even if they don't participate in the contest. So tell them, and you might win!!

  5. Oh wow - this looks like such a great way to spend an afternoon! Although I love exploring the urban jungle that is our new home, I sure miss railroad bridges, gorgeous, and wide-open spaces everywhere. You've made me homesick!

  6. ohhh yes! this is a great place to go in the fall! it's a nice place to bring a picnic in the summer, too. did you stop out at indian ladder afterwards? :P

  7. are these pictures real?? they are seriously amazing! this is beyond awesome.

    totally agree with the pumpkin spice coffee creamer. i could be baking some good things if they would get their act together!!

  8. @ Kim - We went to French's after Indian Ladder ;)
    it was meant to lift our fall loveing spirits after such an awful pumpkin patch experience.

    @ - thank you <3


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