Monday, February 14, 2011

February Giveaway

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we're bringing you our largest sponsored giveaway to date! Please check out the awesome sponsors who are generous enough to bring you this giveaway!

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Hi, I'm Katie Brown and my Etsy shop is Anamorphicecho.
I am 26, and I live in Kansas City, MO with my awesome cat, Dmitriy.  I love to travel, and am hoping to be able to do more of it in the future.  My mom is my best friend, and I am currently trying to teach her to knit, and am hoping to learn crochet from her.
  I have been knitting off and on for about three years, but I have only started seriously knitting in the last few months.  Knitting is incredibly relaxing, and it feels great to complete a project, especially a challenging one.

I find most of my inspiration on the internet. I sometimes spend hours surfing for cool patterns.  Seeing all the other great knitters on Etsy really inspires me to become better, as well.

I listen to anything from Bob Marley, to Queen, to modern stuff like AWOLnation.  My favorite television shows are How I Met Your Mother and Bones.  The only thing I geek out over more than knitting is Harry Potter, I should really combine the two!  One of my favorite blogs is - she loves her cats as much as I do, and she is incredibly talented, to boot!

-I've only been on Etsy a few weeks, and I am really excited to start expanding my shop and creating more items.  I am super grateful to windshielddiaries for featuring me in her blog.  Thanks everyone, and happy shopping!  
Katie is generous to giveaway a super cute knit Owl hat to our winner!

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Hi!  My name is Ladipo but you can call me Ladi or Pattie (b/c pronouncing my name is hard enough in person ;p ) and I'm 22.  
Well, I'm the youngest of seven, and new mommy and bride-to-be!  My mother was a fashion designer that dropped everything after she had children, and my dad was an interior designer and painter. 

I wish I could say that my mother taught me to sew, but she didn't.  She didn't trust me to touch her machine, lol.  So I had to wait for the trial and error of college life to learn how to sew, but I have always loved paper crafts and would practice them regularly as a child.  As for drawing, that was something that I did only because my older sister loved to and I wanted to do something with her and have fun (she doesn't draw anymore though...bummers).

Right now I make handbags, stationary, and hair accessories. 

The journey into selling my pieces truly started in 2007 right after I graduated from high school, out of a need to relive the onslaught of everyday stress. My life had fallen apart and I was determined to pick up what was left and make something out of it. With lots of support from family and friends I worked hard to make something of myself with my own two hands.  In the beginning plans fell apart regularly, but I was determined not to let anything stop me.

Inspiration for me is found through everyday life!  Sometimes even from crafting mishaps (those are my faves).
It is so hard to choose favorites but I would have to say that right now I'm really loving all things wedding related, lol.  I'm getting ready for mine, and I seriously couldn't be more excited!

I hope that everyone can see a tid bit into my life and process :)  Just so you know that my biggest goal yet is to meet Martha Stewart....and I will!

Pattie is giving away these adorable handmade bracelets:

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Hi, I'm Jillian Pye and I'm 21. My etsy shop is called A Little Slice of Pye, and I also write a blog called Three for the Road.

I am a wife to Owen & a mother to Cash Lincoln, I recently quit my full time job (at a law firm) to stay at home again. We are preparing to travel the country as a family with my husband's music, which you can check out here.

I design accessories, clothing, & home wares and sell vintage clothing. I also model on the side every once in a while. I have been designing & crafting for almost 10 years. And I do it because I honestly can't see myself doing anything else--it is something I have tried to suppress for a "real" job but that never lasts long!

I get so inspired from my everyday life, I also love spending time discovering other cultures, obscure artists and seeing new places. I try to implement the idea that good design should be available to everyone.

Some of my current favs-
Music: Sufjan Stevens:The Age of Adz; Thad Cockrell:To Be Loved; Owen Pye: The Truth About Man (releasing 2/22/11)
TV: Pushing Daisies (I watch old episodes on netflix, over and over)
Books: Practical Theology for Women, by Wendy Alsup;
Blogs: (Just a few) The Snail & the Cyclops, Bicycling is for Lovers, A little Flock of Flummers, All that I Love, BleuBird Vintage, and Elise is...content
Magazines: Travel & Leisure, AliveMag St Louis

One of the biggest reasons we are going on the road is to share life and Owen's music with others! It is one of our absolute favorite things to make friends with new people and discover new places. I would be so excited if you would come out while we are on the road and said "hi" (current tour dates here) We are also working on tour dates on the East/West Coasts--if you live in these areas or know of a great place that we should visit or that Owen should play, please let me know! (jillianpye at gmail dot  com)

Jillian is generous enough to offer our giveaway winner their choice of ONE of the following headbands:

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Our final February giveaway sponsor is MJ of Made by MJ.

I love to craft and make things.  I come from a family of artists.  

I make bags, totes, and accessories.  I am starting to dapple with jewelry.  I also do photography when i have time.  

I find inspiration everywhere. Mostly in nature and things around me.

I love Neil Young, I read just about anything and everything, I love etsy.

I have been doing arts and crafts forever. It has always been part of my life.  I studied Art History and Photography in college.  I love travel and food. 

MJ is giving an adorable keychain to our giveaway winner:

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Entries will be accepted until Saturday, February 19, 11:59pm Eastern Time

One winner will be chosen (via and will win all of the above handmade items!


  1. that looks so much more awesome than what I gave away. you know the winner was announced today...just saying. happy valentines!

  2. I am a blog follower :)

    From Anamorphicecho's shop, I love the Panda hat!

    From Made by MJ, I love the owl pillow!

    From Structured Chaos, the Day Dreams journal is my fav!

    And from A Slice of Pye, I would pick the 'And it was all a dream' headband!

  3. Tweeted!!/jenphotonerd/status/37840679946297344

  4. gfc follower
    located intl

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  5. Cute giveaway! I'm in absolute adoration of the cute russian nesting doll keychains!

    Anamorphicecho: dark green knitted beanie

    Structured Chaos: je t'aime en rouge clutch

    A Slice of Pye: says the etsy page was not found :( but cute blog!

    Made by MJ: of course the russian doll keychain!



  6. i love handmade. thanks for the giveaway.
    i am following on GFC as viorela. I loooove the following:
    - From Anamorphicecho's shop - Knitted Beanie Dark Green
    - From Made by MJ - Handmade Owl on Moons fabric clutch
    - From Structured Chaos - Sunday Sweets Journal
    - From A Slice of Pye - the bigger the bow...headband

  7. tweeted here:!/violet_porto/status/38210296011165696

  8. I follow you on your blog. I am really loving the homemade knit hat and the headband.

    My email is -

  9. I follow on blogloving and I'm so excited about Jillian being a part of this giveaway (as well as everyone else). I'm in love with all of those headbands of hers... getting a tie for my hubby would also be great--I love those hand painted ones.

    I love all of these pieces. Excited :)


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