Monday, February 7, 2011

hudson river coffee house

 Hudson River Coffee House opened a few months ago, and this weekend was the first time I had a chance to check it out. Friday was Albany's "First Friday" art night, and the coffee shop was displaying work by a local artist an hosting an after party with live music, including M's band Severe Severe.

 It's in the basement of an old telephone company building, all the walls are exposed brick, and it is furnished with wooden tables, vintage chairs, and other vintage accessories like this old rotary phone. I really loved the cozy, homey vibe they created for this place.

 I had to try a Chai Latte (my favorite) and it was delicious. M and I also split their Dutch Hoagie, it had turkey and apples. So good!

And the music was pretty great too ;)
We're looking forward to checking out more shows at this place soon!


  1. chai lattes (with soymilk) are also my favorite. i always like to try them at new coffee houses. i still want to see severe severe so badly. hopefully i'll get the chance one day!

  2. I wish they had more coffee houses on the hudson down by me. I love chai latte's! =)

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