Sunday, February 6, 2011

This week...

...worked 2 hours of overtime on Monday in anticipation of losing Wednesday to a snow day.
...made some more banana "ice cream" with a tsp of dark cocoa powder & a tsp of peanut butter. So. Good.
...drove to and from work in scary snow.
...had yet another snow day thanks to what was supposed to be a major snow event that actually turned into snowrain.
...discussed the possibility of bring a puppy into our lives in 2011 or 2012...
...saw M's band play a show in a coffee shop.
...ran my errands in thunder sleet. Yeah, I said THUNDER SLEET!
...and then the ceiling in our kitchen started to leak because our upstairs neighbors don't know how to shovel their deck.


  1. Nice!:) And did you have a new layout? :)Green and yellow suits you perfectly!:) I changed mine, too!):

  2. I've been in a thunder sleet's not fun! Be careful up there!!


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