Sunday, February 27, 2011

This week...

...lazy Sunday with turkey tacos.
...decided to start insuring all of my etsy orders since the post office has managed to lose about a dozen on me since Christmas time :/
...started another round of Beachbody Insanity with M. I want to get into a bikini this summer!!
...had a dream that I won $75,000 on a slot machine. I wish!!
...stupidly drove to work in a major snowstorm, then ended up leaving early anyway.
...took M to a sushi buffet for his bday dinner
...unexpectedly went to a show & the biergarten
...baked German chocolate cupcakes for M's birthday.

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  1. i love dreams like that! but then again, i don't like waking up to dreams like that haha

  2. Oh, the things I would do with $75,000... I hate waking up from those dreams!


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