Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Epic Road Trip Brew Tour Honeymoon 2012 - Hello DC!

 Our hotel was in Dupont Circle. Neither of us had ever been to DC before, so we were kind of at a loss as to what we could go and do. We took a walk to the park in the middle of the circle, and then took a stroll down Connecticut Ave.

 I'm looking a little lost here, no?

 Our hotel room was super classy looking.

 We resisted the call of the Krispy Kreme sign because we knew we were about to have a great dinner.

 After a 45 minute wait, we were finally seated!

 Right down the block from our hotel, and recommended to us by Kate!

 The pizza was AMAZING, and M was really impressed with their beer list too.


  1. isn't DC fabulous?! i was just there for my first time a few weeks ago and loved it! enjoy xxo

  2. That IS a fancy hotel!! Haha! Seriously, BEST. HONEYMOON. EVER.


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