Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet Arthur

 We interrupt your regularly scheduled honeymoon recap (and we're getting to the best part: New Orleans!) for an important introduction. Yesterday Emmett and I took a 2 hour car ride with my sister so that she could pick up her new little puppy Arthur! Look at Emmett being so good on the car ride! 

 We drove through the outlying countryside of Utica New York. The best part about this puppy? He has the same mamma as Emmett, so they are half brothers!

 The most fun for me (and Emmett) was getting to see Emmett reunite with one of his litter mates! This is his sister Ali chasing after him. They hit it off right away and had a great time together!

 My sister and her sweet, little Arthur!

 Emmett and Ali gang up on my sister.

 Sibling love.

 Hey, look! It's the mamma Tatiana! She seemed to know that Emmett was hers and she was playing with him in a matter of seconds.

 Everyone loves this mamma.

 Emmett and Ali chasing their mamma.

 Tatiana and three of her babies.

 Oh, hi Mr Arthur!
 Arthur was worn out from playing with his older siblings. He was so good on the car ride, he spent most of it like this.

 Until he saw Emmett in the back seat, then he wanted to be back there with his big brother.

 Too adorable, two good boys.

 Back at my sister's house and fully rest, it was time for more play.


 'Gimme that ear!'

Emmett wore him out!

Welcome to the family Arthur, we love you already!


  1. I love Arthur's brindle markings! So cute.

  2. Arthur is such a cute-butt and I love that him and Emmett are brothers and able to play together. What a fun trip that must have been. :)

  3. oh my GOSH!!! what a cute baby! and playing with each other right away oh my gosh so precious :) thats awesome they are half brothers.


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