Friday, May 4, 2012

Epic Road Trip Brew Tour Honeymoon 2012 - DC Tourists pt. 2

 After the Lincoln Memorial, M wanted to check out the Vietnam Memorial, so we wandered around and came across the Korean War Memorial along the way.

 We were both astonished by the number of names on the Vietnam Memorial.

 This photo would be much more pretty if there were cherry blossoms in it... ;)

 Walking from the Vietnam Memorial to the White House, we stumbled upon the ONLY cherry tree in all of DC that was still in bloom! A mini victory!

 We made it to the White House, and M was disappointed that they don't allow you to get any closer than across the street from it.

 But I was pretty psyched when we saw Bo and his secret service agents out for a stroll!

We don't have Pinkberry in upstate NY, so we had to try it before leaving DC. We both had the salted caramel yogurt and it was incredible. I now believe the hype!


  1. Perfect timing. We're planning a road trip from Albany to DC. Will add Pinkberry to our list of things to do/try.

  2. Oh man, I think seeing Bo makes it worthwhile. Go pooches!


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