Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Epic Road Trip Brew Tour Honeymoon 2012 - Abita Brewery

Our first full day in New Orleans, our friends Heather & Tom drove us over the 24 mile long bridge spanning Lake Pontchartrain and on to Abita Springs, LA.

 The welcome center of Abita Brewery.

 Once they welcomed our tour group from the patio into the bar / gift shop, they provided us with plastic cups and let us fill our own right from the tap.

 M was enjoying the tour.

 A beautiful map of Louisiana made from Abita bottle caps.

 After the tour, we went down the street to the Abita Brew Pub for some lunch.

What is currently the Abita Brew Pub used to be where they brewed their beer when they first started. It's much smaller than the brewery they use these days.

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