Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camp Crumster

 Saturday afternoon our great friends Mr & Mrs T invited us up to their camp at Lake Sacandaga. I had some orders to fill, and M had some work to do. But realistically, it was Saturday evening and the orders couldn't be shipped until monday we took inspiration from Beca's post and took the evening off.

 The drive west to the lake was peaceful and stunning.

 Once we arrived and said our hellos, we walked down the short trail to the beach. It was still crowded with the pre-dinner camper crowd, so we decided to hold off on the beach until sunset.

 I brought along some Smart Dogs, whole wheat buns, and my go-to summer beer for 2012: Harpoon UFO.

 M housed practically this entire steak himself. 

 M was also psyched to drink some beer out of his brand new (to him) vintage Andre the Giant mug.

 The tall, old pines stood over us as we enjoyed our meal and conversation waiting for the sunset.

 Finally, it was time to walk back down to the beach.

 And the sunset was gorgeous.

After the sun had set, we gathered around the campfire. M & Mr T had to try out their new old man tobacco pipes and comment on how they are now officially old. It was a great night and I'm so glad we took the break to enjoy it!


  1. that mug is hilarious! love it. looks wonderful

  2. looks like so much fun! and I'm glad you took a break and disconnected for a while! didn't it feel great?


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