Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Epic Road Trip Brew Tour Honeymoon 2012 - One last epic dinner on the road MELT

 We left Chicago to allow for enough drive time to arrive in Cleveland for dinner at Melt. M went here last summer while he was on tour and pretty much hadn't stopped talking about it since.

The menu was full of some many amazingly bad for you sandwiches, it took me forever to describe. Bascially, the entire menu is one big list of epic grilled cheese sandwiches. You may have seen this place on Man Vs Food.

 M stuck with the same selection he had the last time he ate at Melt: the deep fried monte cristo.

I ended up choosing a humongous eggplant part style sandwich. M was right. this place is worth bragging about, but I'm glad we don't live in Cleveland because it's definitely a once a year at the most kinda meal.

After finishing off our meal at Melt, we drove from Cleveland to Buffalo where we crashed on a friend's futon for the night before making the drive back to the Capital District the next morning. We were exhausted, but we had the time of our lives. And we can't wait to go on our next trip!


  1. MY FAVORITE PLACE. I'm going while I'm home next week & cannot waiiiit!

  2. an entire menu of yummy grilled cheese sandwiches?! sounds like HEAVEN


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