Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Epic Road Trip Brew Tour Honeymoon 2012 - Memphis

 Our one full day in Memphis we had planned to meet Beca and Doug at Graceland, but they couldn't make it. So we decided to just explore the city on our own, starting with brunch at Brother Juniper's. This place was recommended to us by our friend Amanda who lived in Memphis most of her life. It was incredible.

 M spent some time living in Memphis before we met, so he drove us around the city like a pro. We had spent the morning checking out thrift stores and pawn shops, and when we drove by this sign I told him I wanted to stop and take a picture. He made a face and said that we were in the 'ghetto.' But he agreed to stop if we left the car running and did it quickly.

 We were both digging this phone booth on the side walk.

 We drove by Sun Records. This was literally taken from the moving car.

 We walked down around Beale Street and M took my picture in front of the New Daisy.

 There were crazy tiger statues all over the city, this one was covered in comics!

The cute little trolley we didn't ride.

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  1. Tigers are rad! We have jumping killer whales all around here, and in Calgary where I used to live it was cows.


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