Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Otto's Breakfast Deli

 We were in the Berkshires this weekend for a friend's wedding and found ourselves in need of breakfast. I had looked on Yelp for diners in the area, and when we had trouble locating the highest rated one, we stumbled upon Otto's. I'm glad we did! We enjoyed it so much, we actually came back the next morning got breakfast again! M and I both ordered coffees and were greeted with this cheeky mug. Unfortunately, they were not selling them or I probably would have bought one, just 'cause.

 The walls were covered with old black and white photos, charmingly subtle.

 This place is small, 10 tables plus counter seats. We got a table, but one thing I noticed and liked about the counter seats is that the stools have backs on them. The backless stools are usually the reason I avoid counter seating at diners, so Otto's immediately got a plus one for that little touch.

The service was quick and friendly. If Otto's existed closer to home, I think they might take over as our number one diner pick. The food was much more fresh than your average diner fare. M ordered 'The Deli Plate' aka eggs over easy, bacon, sausage, homefries, toast, and corned beef hash. He also got a short stack of pancakes with.....REAL maple syrup. No complaints from him. 

I ordered 2 eggs over easy, pumpernickle (!!!!) toast, home fries, and something that instantly made me fall in love with Otto's: a side of french toast. AKA ONE PIECE of french toast. Brilliant! The eggs were perfectly done, the toast nice and crisp, the homefries had great seasoning on them (something homefries in our immediate area sorely lacks) and were perfectly cooked, but the french toast was the icing on top of an already perfect breakfast. One piece of french toast, cooked perfectly with seasoning! Also unheard of in our area. Some cinnamon, maybe a little nutmeg baked right in. And with the real maple syrup, there was no way it could have been any better.

Capital District Diners, you are on notice: step up your game, cause Lee Massachusetts isn't that far away...

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  1. BWAH?!? I can't believe they weren't selling the mugs... I so need one of those lol! I am such a pickle addict :)


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