Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my new jo totes bag!

I have been wanting a Jo Totes camera bag ever since the day I saw a giveaway for one on Rockstar Diaries. I have been carrying my DSLR around in various purses for years and REALLY wanted something that would better protect my most prized possession.

I finally saved up enough money from etsy shop sales to buy myself a Jo Tote! I was so psyched when I got the email saying their online shop was re-stocked.

My bag came in the mail last week, and even though it's huge, I love it because I know it's keeping my Canon Rebel safe and sound everywhere I go!


  1. I have the same one in black and I love it. The best part is people are always shocked when I tell them it is a camera bag.

  2. I want that exact same one!! Maybe I'll get it for christmas and we can be twins :P


  3. OOHH! I need one of them! Safety first!

  4. Oh, I LOVE it! If you ever get sick of it, I'll take it off your hands! Hahaha.


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