Monday, November 8, 2010

to my 16 year old self

First of all, yes. This is me at 16. Crazy right?
Last week on twitter there was a flurry of tweets with the hashtag #tweetyour16yearoldself and they were incredible. So I've been inspired to write a little letter to my 16 year old self.

Dear 16 Year Old Self,
You know I love you, but let me just start by telling you that the bleach blonde hair does nothing for you. I know you wish you could be Gwen Stefani, but your skin tone just isn't made for being a blonde. Sorry.

Right about now a friend at school is asking if she can give your phone number to her brother because she wants to set you up with him. You will have a really good time with this boy for a while, but don't kid yourself. He is not the one. He is selfish and only cares about himself. He's going to break your heart a lot in the time that you know him, but it is something you need to go through to become the strong girl you are. And all the crap he puts you through will only make you appreciate how great it is when you really do find the one. I promise he is out there and he is amazing, even though there will be times you think you're going to die a lonely old cat lady.

People in your high school will have no relevance on your life after you graduate, so please don't waste your time wondering what they think of you.

You shouldn't be so scared to get your drives license. Even though there have been a couple of family tragedies related to car accidents, you are a good driver, you will be ok

It is ok to BE YOURSELF. Don't try to be smarter or cooler than you are just so people will like you. The people who will really matter in your life will love you for WHO YOU ARE, not who you want them to think you are.

When you want to change your major in your Sophomore year at Emerson, you shouldn't be afraid to do it. But you will be, and I'm here to tell you that it was probably a big mistake not to, but everything will be ok any way.

There are going to be times when you are sadder than sad and don't see anything good on the horizon. But I'm telling you to keep going because I promise you there is good waiting for you. You will be loved, you will feel beautiful, you will have friends that REALLY care about you. Your future is great, but don't forget to enjoy the journey to get here, because it will go by faster than you can imagine.

xoxo, me


  1. this is so great!
    i loved reading it. :)

  2. i teared up a little bit at the end there. lovely.

  3. I loved this! I wish we could have had just one discussion with our teenage selves...!

  4. I love this!! Such an awesome post..

    KF x

  5. I love everything about that picture!!!

    I didn't even think of including a picture in mine, but I love it.

    And it was beautifully written =]

  6. Fantastic - i think i had those exact same glasses when i was sixteen.

  7. Awesome!! I wish we really could do a back to the future deal where we could leave a note. =) I had bleached blonde hair too. No Doubt ruled what can I say! =)

  8. I love everything about that picture, too! I have a vague recollection of my 16 year old self and it involved a lot of black clothing and hair over one eye. I am LOVING that sequined top. and the contrast of your look with the curtains behind you. you were and are awesome.

  9. Aww! There are so many things I'd want to tell my 16 year old self too... I'd beg her to discover the existence of of hair straighteners before senior year, at least. :)


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