Sunday, November 28, 2010

This week...

...lots of research.
...glad we got our cable back in time to catch up on The Walking Dead.
...baked a special batch of birthday macarons for my bestie Friendly Brown!
...saw the Tim & Eric Crimbus spectacular
...birthday night out for my bestie!
...Friday night in: mad men season 2, knitting, and my cats while M was at work <3
...up early on a Saturday to go have snow tires put on my car.

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  1. I loved the Walking Dead, for like three episodes, then I had a nightmare. That was all it took. I was done. I did not like the Walkers coming into my window, but more than that I hated being the only non-Walker I felt like that guy on the roof. Nope. I do miss the show, but I just can't make myself watch it.

  2. I completely missed "The Walking Dead". I reallly need to buy it on DVD as soon as it comes out or catch a marathon!! It looked too good!!! =)

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