Tuesday, December 21, 2010

baking christmas cookies

Rolling out the dough

 Thank you eBay for our vintage Peanuts cookie cutters!

 M was in charge of stamping

 First attempt was rolled too thin, so we scrapped them and re-rolled the dough.

 Perfect! Time for the oven, kids!

 Baked and cooling!

 Starting to ice the cookies

 M disposed of the icing in the sink and made some art in the process!

 M's Charlie Brown with a bomb, and blown up Lucy...

The M 2010 Holiday Collection.
It took me about an hour to ice these 4 perfectly, but it was totally worth it!


  1. those look amazing! great job! what icing recipe did you use?

  2. Thanks Mandy! I didn't use a recipe for the icing, I just mixed powdered sugar and soy eggnog together until it was the consistency I wanted :)

  3. I am in so much awe of those cookies. Absolutely amazing. The Charlie Brown cookies cutters are awesome and you are so talented!!! I mean, M's blown up Lucy is very avant-garde and all but your cookies deserve a trophy.

  4. Omg. Wow. I'm really blown away by these cookies!! I didn't know there were Peanut character cookie cutters even in existence!! You did an awesome job decorating them too!! M's are hilarious!! What a delightful post! I gotta show my mom later because these are too cool! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  5. Your cookies look amazing! I love painting, but I'm never patient enough to do it with cookies, since I know they'll get eaten

  6. Oooo I love it!!!!!! And they look so delicious.

    What a great idea :D

  7. Your little four are absolutely perfect! Can you even make yourself eat them??

  8. lol i love the comparison of your cookies versus his cookies. the blown up lucy is hilarious1


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