Saturday, December 11, 2010

This week...

...visited with my family
...tried strolling the Hudson Winter Walk, but almost froze solid within 20 minutes.
...put up our fake white tree.
...snuggled with Miyagi in the granny square afghan.
...a series on local etsy shops that I wrote was featured on my favorite local blog, hopefully I'll be doing even more blogging for them in the future!
...woke up to light flurries TWO days in a row!
...woke up to a sore throat and the start of an epic cold.
...left work early and missed out on some fun times due to the epic cold.
...cooked M & I stuffed chicken breast for dinner, it was delicious!
...placed some wrapped presents under our tree, taking bets on how long before the cats have either a) chewed the ribbons off, b) ripped them open, or c) all of the above :/
...someone in the office set the microwave on fire by trying to bake a sweet potato. I will never get this smell out of my clothes!
...braved the arctic weather to see M's band play.

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  1. bummr about your cold ~ hope you're feeling bette now.
    yay re fake white tree ~ wanting a silver or white one this year :)


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