Monday, December 6, 2010

free birthday drinks

 It was my bestie's birthday last week, and since last year she conquered Biergarten's Free Birthday Boot, this year our first stop was Bomber's for a Free Birthday Margarita. We sat at a table under this gorgeous lamp.

 Here she is, claiming her birthday prize, complete with sparkler!

You would think the festivities and good times would end there on a Wednesday night. But no! We were on the move up Lark St to claim the next free birthday drink!

Elda's on Lark has a similar deal to Bomber's Free Birthday Margarita, only at Elda's you get to choose from 6ish options, rather than just the one option Bomber's offers.

She went with a purple vodka based drink called "Great Sex." 
And no, she didn't drink them both. In fact, M ended up drinking almost all of the Great Sex...which lead to a very funny voicemail left to a friend while I drove him home ;)


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