Tuesday, January 25, 2011

banana "ice cream"

We've been trying to be healthier this year, and I think I'm becoming obsessed with our blender. And putting bananas in it. I know this might sound as crazy as the Green Monster...but stay with me on this one:

 Slice a frozen banana and take the peel off.

 Put the frozen banana slices in your blender.

 Pulse until it looks like ice cream!
You'll probably have to scrape the sides a couple of times to get all the banana blended well.

 When I'm feeling the need to be decadent, I add a tablespoon of Nutella.

Put the Nutella in with the pulsed banana and pulse some more until it's mixed in well.

Put in a dish and devour!
It has a banana-nutella soft serve thing going on, and if you pulse it a little extra it gets this super whipped texture that is really delicious.
And SO much better for you than a bowl of ice cream.

Have you made this before?
Did you add anything different like peanut butter or honey or berries?


  1. Holy yumballs. I cannot wait to try this!!!!!

  2. I love peanut butter but it's so full of fat and calories that I don't dare to touch it more than....once a year (almost!).
    I have a weight thing going on -trying to loose weight- and I have to turn the page and get healthier! I don't seem fat, but I have 10kg that I need to loose!

  3. i love this! i've actually made it before too. i add cinnamon and it's so spicy and amazing.

  4. Um, yeah. Just threw all my bananas in the freezer. I will be trying this tonight. WITH peanut butter!

    (PS: I'm coming to visit in April!!!)

  5. That looks so yummy :) too bad the last banana was eaten yesterday :(

  6. I actually have some frozen bananas and nutella on hand. This just made my to do list.

  7. Hello new favorite snack! nice to meet you! That looks soo good! I have bananas at home AND nutella. I'm definitely trying this!!

    I make mini smoothies in my blender. Bananas, some vanilla ice cream, blueberries & strawberries. Hmmm...yummy!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  8. Praise the food gods. This looks fantastic! I cannot wait to do this :)


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