Monday, January 3, 2011

our new years eve

 This New Year's Eve M and I attended a swanky masquerade party, and we had a great time!

 Me and a few of my favs.

 The hosts had the cutest little signs so that everyone knew where to find things

 They also had this gorgeous veil over their Christmas tree, it was beautiful!

 They emptied the furniture in the living room, and hung a mirrored ball to create a giant dance floor!

 There was plenty of spirits to go around.

As midnight neared, the table filled up with Champagne flutes!

 The cat of the house, lounging with an abandoned cat mask.

 A couple of boys manning the photo booth camera.

 Some lovely ladies posing for the photobooth.

The hosts did an incredible job with the food, drinks, music, and decorations. Their attention to detail was amazing! I'm so grateful we were able to ring in 2011 with some of our favorite people at such an amazing place!


  1. seems that you really had a lot of fun!:) I love thematic-parties like the masquerade!:)Have a happy new year!:)

  2. Wow what an adorable idea!!! I love masquerade parties!! I love that the cat got a mask too! Happy New Years!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. That party looked so freaking fun! I'm coming over next year...


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