Wednesday, January 26, 2011

january iphone pics

Just a little taste of how our life has been this cold, snowy January. Lots of the cats being silly and sweet, a beautiful sunset, too much snow, and a pic of my new SHORT hair cut!

What has your January been like so far?


  1. Aw, cute pics...i feel like my January has been nothing but snow, and snow days...i am ready for winter.

  2. I love your cut! I rocked a similar cut for about half of 2010---it was awesome! I'm not in the process of going back to long hair ... it's been a while.

    January in Portland has been strange. We've got 50 and 60 degree weather. The coast hit 73 yesterday. I wish we had snow like the rest of the US. However, I won't complain about how much I've gotten to spend outside in the middle of winter. It's a total treat.

  3. Ohh I like your short hair!! Aww that's such a cute pic of M & one of your kitties! My bf's cats always love to go on his lap when he's on the computer! I think they have ADD to the flashing screen!

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. Curious... did you use any particular program to make your photo collage?

  5. @ Marthaamay, M, Melanie, & Jess - Thanks! I love it!!

    @ Motherawesome - I used photoshop :)


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