Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jack's Diner

Driving down Central on a recent morning, we decided it was finally time to try Jack's. We weren't sure what to expect. 

 As we walked in we were immediately struck by it's vintage charm. Opening the menus we were also pleasantly surprised with the options and the prices. Our waitress was SUPER attentive and friendly. I thought I had missed the cut off time for the breakfast specials, but she let me have one anyway. M had never tried Eggs Benedict and decided to be adventurous, the waitress offered to put his hollandaise sauce on the side incase he didn't like it. 

 M was happy with his eggs, and I loved my challah French toast sprinkled with cinnamon. We will definitely look forward to frequenting Jack's more often to try the rest of the menu. Next up for me: huevos rancheros!


  1. I am in love with sause hollandaise.....!! And with breakfast cooking in general! :)

  2. I love old diners like this!! Oooo hmmmm makes me wish I could go there for breakfast because that french toast & eggs benedict looks super yummy!! =)

  3. oomnmmmggggg french toast :homer simpson drool:


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