Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Charlie, Monster Mouth, Ollie, Mooky, Jack, Doug, and Beca

Hi ya'll! I was so excited when Crystal invited me to guest post for her new buddy feature, because if you know me or Doug, follow my blog, or take a peek at my flickr, you know that much of our life revolves around our brood. Having three dogs, a cat and a beta fish in a small, old house is no walk in the park, but I can't imagine our life any differently. Trust me, our yard is huge and San Diego weather means we spend a lot of time outside!

Our little family includes Charlie, the boss of the brood. He is a 6 year old Boston Terrier. He is exceptionally large for a Boston, at a whopping 36 pounds. Next up is Monster Mouth, but we just call him Monster. If the shoe fits, well, Monster will probably chew it. Our beloved Monster has some awesomely annoying habits like blowing snot bubbles, destroying valuables and crop dusting a room after eating something he shouldn't. If you're not careful, he'll sneak in a French kiss or two. The baby of the family is Ollie. He is a 95 pound Old Southern American Bull Dog. He loves playing tug of war, sleeping with his head on the pillow and chasing shadows. He's also a daddy's boy, through and through. We also have a temperamental 12 year old cat named Mooky and a year old Beta named Jack. We have both had animals our whole lives. I can't remember a time I didn't have at least one little critter roaming around the house or backyard. Doug  had Charlie when we met, I had Mook, and Monster and Ollie came along later. The boys have all, thankfully, become the best of friends.

If we wrote a book about our dogs, I would call it "Dustpans and Deathrolls" because, for one, I am always sweeping. I have dustpans hidden behind doors and in cabinets. We have hardwoods floors and since our dogs are very rowdy, there is fur flying constantly. As for the deathrolls part. Ollie is a very big puppy. He just turned 3, but acts like he's 6 months. And somebody, not naming any names (ahem, Doug) taught him to do this thing we call the deathroll. He tucks his head and flips onto whatever is near him. And bites, and kicks and rolls. It is his favorite game. Being the baby of the brood, he has taken on the nickname "baby" and even the whisper of the word, deathrolls ensue. As long as you protect your face, it's a really fun game! Except in the car! Never in the car!!

We have all bullies, the breed, not the stout red headed kid on the playground. Bulldogs and Bostons have very similar temperaments. They are high energy and high maintenance. We got for lots of runs and play tug of war and chase in the yard for what seems like hours and hours each day. And the boys still want to wrestle into the night. All three of our dogs are really snuggly and are not the type of dogs that will go into the other room and sleep alone. I usually have at least one dog underfoot, or in my lap. Dependent, to say the least. They all have sensitive skin and stomachs, but Venison has seemed to do the trick for these pups. They also have a lot of breathing problems, because of their face shape and years and years of inbreeding. Besides that, the breeds are both awesome. I feel safe and they are great with kids. Especially Ollie. He is the gentle giant with little ones, although Kong toys don't have a chance with this big boy.    

Our four legged babies bring so much joy to our lives and they are spoiled rotten! Their unconditional love and genuine happiness is worth every 50 pound bag of dog food, every feather pillow torn to shreds, every booster shot, or tugging on the leash. There is nothing better than big brown eyes looking at me when I'm not feeling so great, a puppy hug first thing in the morning, and the click click of toes when we get home from work! And puppy kisses. You can't ever get enough puppy kisses! Good luck with new pets and enjoy your old pets!

Beca and Doug
(and Charlie, Mon, Ollie, Mooky and Jack!)

* * * * *

Thanks Beca for allowing your family to be part of this series!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! They are the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS FEATURE!

  2. ahhh as a dog mom of 3 (and wanting a beta) i LOVE this feature!!! because beca said it perfectly... there is no love like a pup's.. unconditional. and they truly do know when you're feeling sad-- because how can you ever be lonely when you have a house full of dog children ;) worth every heel ever chewed too. love love love this feature!

  3. Awesome! The pups are SO adorable and I love the story of deathrolls. Hilarious!


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