Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Guillermo and Stephanie

Hello, all! Stephanie, here, from Femmena Mala blog! When Crystal asked me to write a post about my little fur baby, I was beyond excited. Because... you know… I’m obsessed with him? He’s adorable, and I don’t mind boasting ;)

Our (no, unfortunately, I cannot claim him as solely mine!) Chihuahua, Guillermo Garcia Gomez, just goes by Guillermo around these parts. He came into our lives January 2, 2010. Yes, I remember the exact date. We got this little guy when he was only six weeks old, and newly weaned from his mama! We got him from a breeder in Bethel, OH, who had a tiny tiny litter of pups. His name comes from Weeds, the HBO series. One of the drug lords that Nancy Botwin has to contend with in season three is called Guillermo Garcia Gomez. How fitting for a Chihuahua. ;)

I don’t have one specific favorite memory of Guillermo, but one of my favorite things that he does happens when we are leaving the apartment for any reason. He gets very anxious when we pick up our keys/put our shoes on, or partake in any leaving activity. He’ll patiently wait to be picked up, and the second we do he starts growling and licking us at the same time. Basically to let us know that he really loves us, but he’s real mad that we’re leaving him here alone. It’s so cute! He gets especially upset when one of us is leaving the other, like when Nick or I have to leave for work in the morning ;)

If any of you are considering getting a Chihuahua, there are a few things you’ve got to keep in mind. Since they are small dogs, they come with a lot more risk than big dogs do. When Guillermo was small (who are we kidding? He’s STILL small…), we were constantly worried about him falling off the bed or the couch because a fall like that can really hurt a Chihuahua. Also, they have very week tracheas. They are prone to breathing problems, and cannot wear collars, much like other small dogs! They can be very feisty, but they’re so cute and loveable.

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Thank you, Stephanie for telling us all about little Guillermo!
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  1. But does he call you "Blanca"?

  2. He does ;) and he calls Nick "esse" ;)

    Thank you so much for asking me to do this, Crystal!

  3. Aww what a cute pup! He reminds me of my Lola when she was a baby! Mine is a licker too :)


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