Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogging Buddies: Davey and Tiffany

Davey came into my life in the summer of 2009. My cousin just moved into a new house & her boyfriends mom's dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies. My mom went to go visit & fell in love with them. Later that day, she asked if I wanted to take one home. Well, I wasn't about to say no. Especially since I've always wanted a dog & was never given the chance. Plus, these puppies were beyond cute. When I finally got to see them (they were about 2 months old), I had a hard time picking just one. But then there was an itty bitty black one with a big white chest who had been trampled by all of his brothers & sisters (there were about 7 others). He had been quiet. Not barking like the other puppies. I picked him up from under them and held him. Instant love. I asked my mom, "Can we take him home?" & I found out that my little sister had also wanted him. We didn't take him home right away that day, but in the car on the way home, we discussed names. We settled on Davy Barbossa--a combination of two Pirates of the Caribbean characters--then later we added the 'e' to Davy so it officially became Davey (we decided it looked cooler, I guess). We waited about 3 days to prepare for him then we went to pick him up. It was a sad day for him to leave his siblings & mom. He cried the entire way home, but then he quickly adjusted. He fitted right into our family. I can't imagine life without my little guy even when he's a total pain in the butt at times. :)

Davey's the type of dog who will roll in the dirt/mud then afterward will decide that he's just so excited to see you that he needs to jump on you therefore getting you so dirty that you're in need of a change of clothes and/or shower. But he's so loving & caring & sweet that you really don't care that much. Unless it's one of those nice, designer type shirts which, fortunately, I don't own. He's also the only dog I know who gets confused by tummy rubs. He'd rather you get behind the ears.

If you're getting a dog or more specifically a pit bull, do not leave them alone for longer than 45 minutes in a room with your favorite furniture. Or any furniture. Including carpet. They will destroy it out of boredom & frustration. If you're leaving for that long, invest in a kennel & fill it with a few toys. Very durable toys. They're highly energetic dogs, so they need walks & play time often. & I'm not talking about a little 15 minute walk. I'm talking an hour to two hours. Go for a run with them. Go hiking with them. Play some fetch. Something to waste all that energy they've got bottled up. Also the more you tire them, the less interested they are in your furniture. :) And for all those pit bull haters out there who think they're evil & vicious, at one point they were seen as one of the best dogs ever. Remember Petey from The Little Rascals? A lover of children, a loyal friend & super smart. Blame the owner, not the breed. Blame the owner who takes advantage of the pit bull's hardcore loyalty & strength & uses it to fill his/her greed (ie. dog fighting). It's tough to see a breed that you adore go through so much unnecessary hate. Do your research before taking home a pit bull (or any dog). PLEASE. Make sure you're the right family or person for that dog. :)

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Thank you Tiffany for sharing Davey's story with us! 
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  1. Awww! I love this story :) Getting a puppy is so special. Getting my puppy was one of the best days of my life. I had wanted a puppy for a very long time too. Good luck with Davey!

  2. Nice to see Pitbull love! My parents have one and he is the sweetest dude ever! There is a ban on them here in Ontario.. they have to be muzzeled and over a certain age which is a total shame because they really are big babies.

  3. Aww beasty! Pitbulls are awesome beasts but you do have to know how to handle them, just like any big dog!

  4. Yay pitty pooches. Love 'em. I used to work at a shelter and the pitbulls were always my biggest pals. Now if only we could get everyone to drop breed legislation. I'm a mama to four furry butts and love this feature. :)

  5. Yay! Davey! Thanks for featuring us!


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