Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I don't normally do product reviews on the blog, but when my life-doppelganger, fellow blogger, and all around awesome chick Danielle asked for bloggers to review samples from her new shop, I jumped at the chance! If you don't know who Danielle is, you should check out her photo blog, SublimeLite, because she is pretty much the coolest.

I was psyched when the package came in the mail the other day, I love the printed labels she's using! It looks great, and made me very excited to rip into that package and see what was waiting inside!

Inside the envelope was a sweet card from Danielle, and the beautiful blue leather bracelet she sent me. Using a piece of cardboard and a rubber band to package the bracelet is brilliant, simple, and beautiful! I was really impressed.

Even though the packaging was so pretty, I wasted no time ripping it off the cardboard and slapping it on my wrist! The bracelet looked so delicate and tiny that I almost thought it wasn't going to fit, but it fit PERFECTLY!

Please excuse messy hair, bare feet, and cross eyed-grainy iphone pic. I was so excited to model the bracelet that I didn't exactly take the time to make sure I put myself together ;)

Even though we can all see that the bracelet is SUPER cute, that isn't what I like best about it. The best part? It's SUPER comfortable! The leather used to make it has a glossy finish on the outside, but the inside is a suede finish. It has the best of both worlds with that super polished look and the comfort of suede!

I know by now you just want me to stop gushing and cut to the chase: 
where can YOU get one of these bracelets for yourself?!
Visit Danielle's new shop, Flourish


  1. Love this! Thanks for the lovely photos and the marvelous review! I am so happy you love your bracelet!

  2. Wow, I'm not big on jewelry of any kind but I would totally wear this.


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