Wednesday, June 15, 2011

M's Tour Report, pt. 2

 Arrived in Chicago at my buddy Jeff's sweet pad.

 looking down from the balcony

 Chicago has Free Smells

 Bryan and Nico don't care, they want to eat!

 subway nap

 waiting for the train

sunrise on the lake


  1. I am heading to Chicago at the end of the month.
    What do you recommend? Where was the picture of the legs taken?

  2. ahh my hometown! :)
    gotta love Chicago.
    wonder what neighborhood that apt is in..hmmm...

  3. I'm sorry I had to miss it but I had something else going on.
    We never call it the subway here though, which is what I've learned. It's the L.

  4. this looks like so much fun!! i went to chicago last year too. i think i have a very similar picture of that famous "chicago" theater sign...

    free smells... interesting!


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