Tuesday, June 14, 2011

M's Tour Report, pt. 1

M is out on the road with his band, Severe Severe this week and he is sending me photos and updates to share with you!

 Shirts? Check!

 Receiver Beans? Check! (M has a long standing tradition of making "Grandma's Baked Beans" for his buddies in Columbus)

 ghetto rig fan to Bryan's cage? check! 

 yep....no a/c in this luxury ride.

 ...and STILL wasn't filled up!

 Faith, of Faith and Mark, means business.

Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn

M found a little friend in Brooklyn <3

 made it to the treehouse in Columbus!

 Petite Mall rocked it!

 M's traditional "Receiver Beans."

 Jesse and Austin

Beans taste good, Mr Norris wants beans!

The Cooper Bros are awesome dudes! Columbus is the kinda city where you don't wanna leave once you're there.

 Phil gets comfortable

 Nico & Phil want to see someone take the Mucho Macho Challenge

 Not a good idea before a 6 hour drive to Chicago...

kid's polishing his boots?

....to be continued!


  1. Nevvvver heard of receiver beans. Funny! And Mr. Norris is pretty darn cute. Bummed I'll miss the show in Cleveland!

  2. Hahahaha hat ghetto rigged "a/c" is funny!


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