Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011, pt. 1

 This Christmas we decided that instead of getting each other lots of little gifts that we could buy one big gift that would also be an improvement to our new house. This gift was a flat screen TV and stand to replace the ancient 32" box TV and giant, ugly, young bachelor style entertainment stand that M housed the TV in. Downsizing while upgrading has totally made our small space feel much more open and homey. We're so glad we decided to do this!

 Emmett wanted to help open presents, while Styles lurked and photobombed in the background.

 M got a new pair of Cons.

 Emmett and Miyagi bonded a little bit.

 I got a sweet pair of faux fur lined moccasins.

 M's reaction to his "main" gift

 I don't know if you can make it out by the picture, but the spoon says "Cereal Killer" and also has his initials stamped on the handle. This man loves his kid cereal.

 I've been saying since it started getting colder that I really needed a good winter hat, and M came through with this!

 ...and also surprised me with THIS.



  1. oooh, i'm so jealous of your reindeer sweater... merry christmas!

  2. That cereal killer spoon is epic. And that hat! And OMG, he's growing so quickly!!!

  3. Emmett is getting SO big already! But he is super cute. Love that smooshy face.

    We also got a new pretty flat screen TV to replace the tube TV that weighed a ton. I was invisioning a broken foot so it had to go. The new TV weighs 14 lbs. The wonder of technology.

  4. haha, that spoon is so awesome!!
    i tried to get my dogs excited about opening presents, but they couldn't have cared left.


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