Monday, December 5, 2011


 After hearing much fanfare over how great Duncan's is, we decided it was finally time to try it out. As we pulled up to the unassuming building surrounded by dozens of cars, we had a feeling that this place would live up to the hype.

 There are two different schools of diners: diner diners, and diners who are trying to go gourmet.  Duncan's in definitely a diner diner. The waitress was quick and brought us our drinks within minutes. The coffee was good. And by good, I mean typical diner coffee, my favorite!

 Most of the seating at Duncan's is around a huge counter that surrounds the kitchen area. We were lucky enough to snag a table in the small dining room around back.

The food came out really quickly, and was spot on diner diner food. The eggs were perfectly overeasy, the toast perfectly buttered, the sausage was delicious and fresh, M loved his bacon. The only thing we weren't crazy about were the home fries. They were big and cooked well, but really bland. They could use some seasoning or onions or something. We also split a short stack of the pancakes and they were spot on. M was also psyched that instead of the usual diner "table syrup," we were served individual packets of Aunt Jemima. 

We were impressed, and we will be back for sure!


  1. Ha! We have a diner in my hometown that is also named Duncan's! It's pretty good food, too, and it looks like you good a nice, tasty breakfast.

  2. i love that it is cash only. so authentic!



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