Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011, pt. 2, 3, AND 4

 Christmas part two started for us around 11:30am when we arrived at my parents' house with Emmett in tow.

 Santa even left a present for Emmett with my parents!

 He was such a good helper getting it unwrapped.

 My parents gave M some of their sweet snap-shut tupperware that he's admired in the past.

 Curious about all the paper crinkling sounds.

 A ceramic chicken whose tail is made of ceramic measuring spoons!

 M got a collection of Peanuts coffee mugs!

 I totally scored in what was honestly a total surprise gift that I hadn't even HINTED at wanting, but totally wanted: A KITCHEN AID MIXER!

 Our third Christmas stop took us to my brother and sister-in-law's house to give gifts to my almost two year old nephew. He is in LOVE with Emmett.

 Such a good boy.

 My nephew had a great time trying on my bulldog hat.

 Our fourth Christmas took us to M's Aunt's house where his mother's family was Christmasing.

 M & I made this Harry Potter logo ornament for his cousin, it was a big hit!

And being with us every step of the way really wore this guy out!


  1. That freakin' wrinkle face gets me every time.

  2. looks like you guys had a fun full day of family time! And i can't get over how cute Emmett is! I want to steal him!!!

  3. congrats on the mixer! i have a red one and i'm still obsessed with it, two years later.


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