Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crazy Sexy Cleanse Week 2

Day 8 - February 8
I weighed myself this morning to see where one week of cleanse has put me, and I was happily surprised to see that I am 4 pounds lighter than I was when I started one week ago! A couple of co-workers have also commented that my skin in glowing and looking really healthy! I spent the day looking up more vegan / raw / gluten free recipes and pinning them to my Pinterest board. I'm really excited about this new way of looking at food. I'm even considering making this change permanent. I feel so much more healthy and have so much more energy!

Day 9 - February 9 (aka a trip to the local Co-Op)
Today I had to night shift for work, so I was able to leisurely juice in the morning, then spend the rest of the afternoon preparing more cleanse friendly dishes to get me through the next few days. I took a trip to the Co-op in Albany in order to procure some ingredients not found in "normal" grocery stores (oh, hi nutritional yeast and raw pumpkin seeds). This trip reminded me of why I normally don't shop at the Co-op. Their selection is amazing, especially the bulk goods, but every time I go in there I feel like the staff is staring me down judgmentally. This was the first time I had been back in a few years and the place had expanded and changed a lot. So I strolled around looking at the new additions. I finally made my way to the register with 3 items: Nayonaise, Nutritional Yeast, and Raw Pumpkin Seeds. The cashier looked down her nose at me, and was not friendly at all. There were no employee - customer pleasantries exchanged, and she really made me feel like I didn't belong in her store because I'm not a member of the Co-Op...apparently aka, part of the "cool kids club".... But, right now they are the only place in town where I can find what I need. So I'll have to suck it up and let their attitudes roll off my back.

Day 10 - February 10
Day 10 was a typical day, I've gotten into this routine so easily, that I can see this being a permanent change. Being a Friday, there was temptation when M and I went out to see a friend DJ. It was very tempting to say "what the hell, get me a vodka tonic." But I'm super committed to finishing this without clipping and cheating. So I sipped on ice water, and felt very proud for overcoming the temptation.

Day 11 - February 11
I tried the Buddha Bowl recipe from the book, substituting quinoa for brown rice. I think that I would really like this dish except for the fact that it is made with oil cured olives. I had never tried oil cured olives before, but I like black olives so I thought it would probably be tasty. I found out that I am DEFINITELY not a fan of oil cured olives. At. All.

Day 12 - February 12
Day 12 was a Sunday, traditionally the day that M & I would go out to brunch at a local diner. Our weekly date / treat. Today we didn't do that, and it really bummed me out and had me thinking about giving up on vegan eating. It also didn't help that I weighed myself this morning and saw no change from the measurement taken on Wednesday. I was expecting this number to be at least slightly lower. So after having my mini breakdown over these two things, I was thinking a little more clearly. I remembered how much better my body feels eating this way and reminded myself that the number on the scale is not the important thing here. Time to assess the fridge and go stock up on healthy, cleanse friendly groceries for the week ahead.

Day 13 - February 13
Prepped dinner for the next 4 days today. I love having the day off to prepare for the week ahead and be sure that I have healthy, cleanse friendly meals ready for when the week gets hectic and I get lazy ;)

Day 14 - February 14
Valentine's Day! Luckily, I have a husband who is supportive of my health goals and won't be buying me candy or decadent desserts. There was candy out at work, but it was all confined to the kitchen, so avoiding temptation was as simple as staying at my desk all day and avoiding the kitchen island full of chocolates. To reward myself for being so strong willed against my favorite unhealthy candies, I plan to treat myself to a cleanse friendly dessert after dinner: banana "soft serve" with dark cocoa powder and cinnamon.  


  1. 4 pounds?!! Good for you!! Your commitment to this is really encouraging! =)

  2. I used to feel like that at the co-op too. But actually the last time I went there (last Thursday) I asked one of the employees about a sale I saw in the flier that wasn't listed below the item on the shelf...he said it was a mistake and checked for me and they ended up giving me the item on sale anyway (a $6 box of cereal for $3! I got 3 boxes! haha) and he was SUPER nice about it. The lady at the register was also really nice too. I guess it depends on who you get when you're there.

    It sounds like this cleanse is awesome and healthy, hope it works out for you! Anyway, I did a detox at the beginning of January and felt really great but my running suffered from lack of carbs...but that's another story. Anyway--I lost a few pounds but gained them back after going back to "normal eating." Wish I could have done it longer than a week...maybe I will try this one!

  3. This is so interesting to read! I'm for doing anything that makes you feel healthy !

  4. It's not completely in line with the cleanse diet, but Vegan Brunch ( is actually one of my favorite cookbooks. All of Isa's books are full of amazing vegan fare, but really... it's BRUNCH.

    Your cleanse posts are very inspiring. Methinks I will have to get this book from the library soon.


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