Tuesday, February 28, 2012

our homebrewed peanut butter cup porter

 After weeks of fermenting, and even more weeks conditioning in the bottle, our homebrewed peanut butter cup porter was finally ready to taste!

 Pouring it out, if definitely looked like a porter...so far so good!

The verdict: looks like a porter, and tastes like a porter with a hint of peanut butter and chocolate. I'd call it a success, but M is a little more critical, and calls it so-so. I wish I could send a bottle to all of you to try!


  1. that sounds awesome! my hubby just made a hazlenut brown ale that is incredible. i keep trying to get him to enter it into a local home brew competition. i'm gonna have to tell him about this peanut butter cup porter!

  2. awesome! i wish i could try it.


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