Monday, March 29, 2010

CAPow & Kramer Photo Walk v. 1.0 pt1

my bestie kramer (i can not emphasize how awesome this girl is) and i recently spent an entire afternoon walking around downtown albany, exploring and taking photos because that's what we do. we started off at the empire state plaza, which is where this set of photos were shot. we're hoping to make this a more regular thing now that the weather is getting nice, and i'm psyched!


  1. It WILL become a regular thing, and it will be awesome!

  2. i love photowalking! great shots - the one of the two beers making a deal on the corner is my favourite :)

  3. Thats cool I've never been to albany.
    I just stay around the nyc 5 borough area. -__-
    Very boring of me. Great photos.

  4. I love the random beer bottles. Awesome photos!

  5. They remind me of the Mary Tyler Moore show! Well, minus the beer. I don't think MTM got all crunk-up too much.


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