Thursday, March 18, 2010


dear daylight savings time,
you really mess up my internal clock, but i love how much longer you make the days...our relationship is complicated.

dear dmv,
do i really have to come in and renew my drivers license? i'm so lazy i just can't being myself to get it over with.

dear insanity,
you are kicking my ass and i love it! we've only been seeing each other for one month, but already you've dramatically changed my life. thank you.

dear styles,
you make me feel so guilty for not wanting you on my lap, but it seems the only time you want attention from me is when i have work to do. we need to work on communicating better.


  1. Great letters. I have a love/hate relationship with daylight savings time, too!

  2. oh the time change is such a mess, but lighter nights are sure fun.

    and i hope you are feeling not-so-crazy soon. mine comes in waves. argh.

  3. hahah these are great. i totally agree about the time change.
    but i have swim practice at 7:30 at night. so i am kind of a fan right now.


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