Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what's this?

styles seemed to initially get the hang of it...

"seemed to" being the key words. after this first encounter with this new awesome toy i thought they would love, neither of them would touch it. we tried putting treats in it, turning it on it's side. no go. so we ended up selling it on craigslist. your loss, boys!


  1. cats are so funny. i bought a jute scratching board for mimi. i thought she'd LOVE it. she's been picking the heck out of our furniture (certain items are nearly shredded). she sniffed at the board and walked away, never to acknowledge it since. i guess the leather couch just sharpens her nails soooo much better. sigh :)

  2. aw these pictures are too cute!
    and i love the name styles!

  3. I've wasted so much money on cat furniture/toys, when all mine wants to do is bat at the tattoos on my legs. I'm his little scratching post :/ He's kind of ass but I love him.

  4. haha cats are so picky. i have something similar & my cat goes through phases when he uses it. i think mostly when it is cold!

  5. my cat avoids the toys we buy him, in favor of cardboard boxes and crinkled paper. sigh at cats :)

  6. awwww....shitey deal. my cats are like that too..
    style is a lot like little eddy current, like you said!! so cute and i agree that name is top notch.


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