Thursday, March 11, 2010


i took this photo in troy while walking around on my lunch break one day, it has inspired me to write a few letters:

dear spring,
i can see that you're trying really hard to arrive on time this year. we appreciate the effort! see you soon!

dear downstairs neighbors,
yes, i can understand that it probably makes some irritating noise when m and i do our exercise videos, and i'm sorry it bothers you. but we're trying to get healthy. and really, it's only about a half hour a day. and it can't possibly be more annoying than when you let your alarm clock go from 6am to 9am without shutting it off. so, can we call it a truce?

dear mint chocolate chip ice cream,
you are so refreshing. a spoonful of you makes me anxious for all the fun we'll have when the weather gets warm, i can't wait!

dear nephew,
for a two month old baby, you sure have a big personality. i'm sorry that i'd rather take photos of you than hold you, but babies kind of freak me out. we'll TOTALLY have a play date in about a year, ok?

dear bulldog puppy,
you should know that even though you're probably not born yet, we already really love you a lot and can't wait for the day we can bring you home. we are both working really hard to make that happen as soon as we can. we can't wait to teach you how to skateboard in our very own driveway. we'll see you soon!



    and bulldog puppies are the sweetest! Have you seen the skateboarding video of the bulldog on oprah?

  2. I especially love your bulldog letter. It's adorable:)

  3. I was blog hopping and came across your blog. I really like a lot of your posts and I'm becoming a new follower. Hi I'm Dorian.


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