Monday, March 8, 2010

m's birthday party

 after the show a bunch of people came back to our place for the afterparty/birthday party. i smashed some frosting in m's face as he cut into his birthday cake (german chocolate...yummm!) but no body seemed to capture that moment. here is the aftermath.

 it's hard to tell, but there is chocolate frosting smashed all into this side of m's beard. he's about to wash it all off in the kitchen sink.

 birthday cake and party poppers

 modern art

 that's some good cake. but it sat in our fridge for a week because neither m or i wanted to ruin our diets any further.

and once things began to die down, the boys fired it back up with an arm wrestling tournament.

aparently after the arm wrestling m did his card trick that i LOVE watching, but i had unfortunately crashed out too early (hello, 4am) to watch. when i found out the next day i was very disappointed. i'm told he pulled it off flawlessly!


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! Cake smashing is the best part of birthdays :)

  2. Love note:
    Um, I love your header. I dig the photo. And your blog name.
    And my husband will be green with envy when he sees M's facial hair accomplishment.
    I kinda feel like I have a crush on you and your blog.


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